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A spotlight on sustainable materials


As pioneers in responsible fashion, we only use high-quality organic cotton and recycled polyester in our range.


Organic cotton

Organic cotton is grown without toxic pesticides or fertilizers that conventional cotton farming requires. Choose organic cotton and you’re choosing to protect our air, soil and water supplies from some of the highest toxicity levels known to mankind.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides or fertilizers. These chemicals have an enormous impact on the earth’s air, soil water and the health of the people working closely with these pesticides. Compared to regular cotton, the chemicals that make up the pesticides used are amongst the highest toxicity levels known to mankind.

Organic cotton relies heavily on natural rain - meaning it uses 88% less water than regular cotton reducing pressure on local water sources. It also uses 62% less energy versus conventional cotton farming.

Think smart when you make a purchase and choose organic. The result will be cleaner air, better soil , fairer live life hoods and improvement of water conservation




 Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester can be recycled on repeat, with no compromise to its quality, meaning it’s possible to create a closed-loop system that turns fast fashion into forever fashion.

The process of converting PET into recycled polyester requires 53% less energy and reduces CO2 emissions by 32% compare to normal polyester. Choosing recycled polyester diverting PET bottles for this process reduces landfill, less soil contamination, air, and water pollution!

On top of that it reduces our dependence on virgin petroleum as the raw material needed for the fabric.






We selected our partners for long term relationship.

All our partners are long term running successful family businesses.

All the factories are approved by the Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative ( Amfori BSCI), an initiative established by the Federal Trade Organization (FTA) for companies who wish to improve their social compliance.

The Amfori BSCI is a standardized code of conduct with 11 categories that range from workplace health and safety to compensation to environmental and safety issues. This includes the mills.  All our styles will have official sustainable certification and all our products are produced in the guidelines of Global Recycled Standard and GOTS

For the complete Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct, click on the link!