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Article: POP UP STORE A dream came true

POP UP STORE A dream came true

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I am a person who always follows her heart, even if it seems impossible or strange times as we are in today.

That is the moment when you make the difference for yourself.

As a young girl of the age 6/7 years old, I saw my own fashion house with own stores.
A dream that I always kept in my heart for that one day.. and here it was!

In the center of Amsterdam 'Negen straatjes' I rented a pop-up store for a week to show my first  collection designed by me.
My retail experience has taught me a lot to understand what the needs are to run a store and how customers shop in a store.
Tips & tricks shared below

Visualize your store
Start dreaming about your store.
3 key important things for me are, the lighting, good visibility for props and presenting the collection with enough space to walk around. Experience the concept of the brand. I wanted to bring fun and nature into the store, so I added two fushia pink plexiglass plates made from recycled polyester and half-trunks made from tree that were used as tables.
Featuring feminized molded racks and 3 banners of each colorway of the collection.

Don't be afraid to experiment, even if your setup is going according to plan. I often changed the presentation of the store, for example grouping all the same colors together or present all the styles by fit, changing different positions of the props in thestore, and so on.
This was interesting to understand when the customer would come in and what the first touch point was.

The location was good and lots of people passed by but unfortunately the crowds were tourists and not shoppers!
I felt a big disappointment coming up and I was stuck for a moment.
I grabbed myself  together and started to 'Bring the outside - inside'.
It worked! Many tourists, people who lived in the area came to the store to check out the new concept. And the best part was, most of them bought  one item to a full set.

Tip tricks
1. Location
Make sure to visit the real location.
Walk around, grab a coffee and watch the stream / flow of people. 
4 out of 10 doesnt have a shopping bag from another store or area means, the location is not noticed for shopping.

2. Bring the Outdoors Inside - Be Active
Be active to use outdoors indoors. Also to give potential passing customers a warm welcome. Use the street to create your runway  and use it to make your shop 'alive'. People are always interesting when there is live movement.

3. Visualize your store
Start dreaming about your store. How do YOU ​​want the store to look like? What is important for the tone of voice of your brand?
First create a mood board. Go online on Instagram, Printerest etc and collect all your photos of design, colors, details what attracts you.
Use props such as large banners to display your collection along with mannequins. Important to inspire your customer with different looks
Add a clear window sticker to let 1 second know what the store is about.

4. PR
Keep budget open for PR /Marketing and work with influencers, give ways, PR boxes and let them know your pop up shop is here! Even work with flyers, Tik Tok or what your target audience use as social media. Ask family & friends to support you online with posting- reposting on social media about the opening. And continuing to ask for online support because repetition is key.

How would you set up your pop-up store?
I'm curious 

Love, Sophia





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